A friend of Spindles has a barn that is full of things collected over the years so this Spring I had a look at the bikes he has stored.  Most of them are Raleighs however there is a Rudge and a Triumph amongst the collection. Here are some of the […]

Spring Barn Finds

This is a copy of the original Spindles Film that was produced in 2014 when Spindles and Sprockets, as it was then, lost its home at the community centre.  We made this film to help find new premises and put it on YouTube.   However the film used a soundtrack […]

Spindles Film

I discovered these TED talks yesterday by Jason Roberts who was a IT technologist turned inspiring urban architect.  Despite Donald Trump, there is hope in the world, in America and even in places like Dallas.  I’ve re-titled the original as we don’t have blocks in Corsham but we do have […]

How to build a better Community

I’m writing this as Chris Froome saunters towards Paris and about to win the 3rd Tour de France.  This is a quite remarkable achievment for Chris and for British cycling which only a few years ago were nowhere in the road cycling lexicon.  Its difficult to think of a similar […]

Chris Froome to Win 2016 Tour de France

It’s taken 3 months but well worth the wait.  I chose Flamboyant Red with gold lining, traditional with decals.  Just a few changes with extra lugs to take dynamo fittings.   The finish is superb and its going to be really difficult to decide to stick with the old components […]

Jack Taylor Tandem Resprayed.

  Act V, Scene 1 Puck: If your cycle has offended, Bring it here to get it mended. That you have but hurried here While these Spindles did appear, And this easy riding theme, No more yielding but a dream. Gentles, you may apprehend If it’s broken, we will mend. And, […]

A Midsummer Bike’s Dream