We have three new lights in this week URBAN 900 £80 Conscientiously designed to provide class-leading output and unmatched protective visibility both day and night. An innovative feature set including powerful amber side lighting and daylight pulse mode creates the most visible, reliable, versatile headlight available.   Featuring: • 900 […]

Just In Light and Motion Lights

We first heard about this crankset a few months ago and we immediately recognised its potential.  We contacted the manufacturer EFNEO in Poland and ordered 2 sets then looked for a suitable frame that would suit as a demonstrator.   We settled upon a Charge Bikes Mixer hybrid as a demonstrator […]

GTRO 3 Speed Crankset

for 86,573 miles cycled in a year. On the 14th May 2017 Amanda Coker has set a new record for the greatest distance ridden in a year by any cyclist, male or female, after riding 86,573.2 miles in 12 months.   That is an average of 237.2 miles a day for […]

Congratulations to Amanda Coker

I bought this bike about 10 years ago, it had a particularly scrappy paint job which was almost deliberate to hide what it was.  The guy I bought it off had done a good job of sourcing appropriate components and had been in touch with Jack (the man himself) in […]

Jack Taylor Refurbishment Progress

A friend of Spindles has a barn that is full of things collected over the years so this Spring I had a look at the bikes he has stored.  Most of them are Raleighs however there is a Rudge and a Triumph amongst the collection. Here are some of the […]

Spring Barn Finds

This is a copy of the original Spindles Film that was produced in 2014 when Spindles and Sprockets, as it was then, lost its home at the community centre.  We made this film to help find new premises and put it on YouTube.   However the film used a soundtrack […]

Spindles Film