School Run Solutions

We get asked many times about how the school run can be done on a bike safely.   Its sometimes inspiring to see kids cycling to school with their parents using all sorts of ways to get to their destination but the common perception is that its dangerous for under 12s to cycle on busy roads.  However there are many solutions to this problem and this short article might give you some ideas.

FollowMe Tandem

The followMe tandem bike coupling allows an adult bike to be directly linked to a kids bike.  The example below was done last year and was very successful. this is because the hitch is of high quality and so both adult and child can lean together around corners.  This is in contrast to more simple tagalongs where the child will tend to lean anyway causing the adult to balance for both.  The ride experience is like that of a tandem.  The hitch can be unhooked in seconds and the adult rides away.  As bikes come in all shapes and sizes, the FollowMe tandem needs to be ordered with specific bits for a given bike.  The hitch starts  at £180 plus fitting

Cargo Bike

There are many different types of Cargo bike and they are great at shifting heavy loads through traffic.  There are 2 Bakfiets type Cargo bikes in Corsham that are used to ferry kids to school one of which we have just electrified.  The great attribute of these bikes is that they are so much fun.  They dominate the road with a confident style through the rarity and sheer presence.  When electrified they can sail up hills.

Bakfiets Classic Long

The Bakfiets Classic Long is identical to the short but with a stretched frame and box. It has the space to carry up to 4 children in various configurations. You can also carry a large dog on a dedicated seat with a top cage, and side door in the box for easy entry. from £1800 for nexus 7 version
Dimensions Length 253cm x width 63cm


Bakfiet Classic Wide

The Cargotrike Classic Wide offering more space for children or freight. The Wide can be fitted with longitudinal benches with seat belts, to allow seating for up to 6 children. There is a handy step for children to get into and out of the box. from £1800 for nexus 7 version.

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