Spindles holds a limited stock of accessories but always have a range of mudguards, racks, lights, high viz, tools, helmets, locks, handle bar tape, grips from a variety of Brands which are presented below

Infini These are great little lights that use the latest technology: Super bright LEDs and Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery with micro USB port.  Look out for the Sword and Lava ranges
Blackburn provide quality reliable kit!  We have been using their track pumps in the shop for years without any problems and have recently started using their lights.  Their racks have a noteworthy reputation for being strong and the preferred option for long distance cyclists.
 giro  Giro is a new name to us but we have been very impressed with what they have provided.  Their shoes are great, being really well thought out, robust, waterproof and warm in the winter. Their helmets are light with plenty of ventilation and their gloves are brilliant.
 sks-logosks-logosks-logosks-logo Think SKS and an image of mudguards of the rider in front comes to mind.  Their mudguards have been around for years in one form or another which are made of chromoplastic with stainless steel stays.  Another favourite of the touring and commuting community
tortec-header  Tortec products are designed with abuse in mind! Racks and mudguards are the unsung heroes of biking, they need to stand up to the rigours of day to day use, extended touring duty over rough terrain, carrying home the shopping or keeping the worst the weather can throw at you at bay. Home grown, designed by riders for riders, Tortec products really are up to the job.
 airace  Another new name for us which provide a complete range of track and mini pumps and multi tools
 altura  Altura offers the definitive winter Technical Bikewear collection that is ubiquitous amongst commuters.    With a proven track record for extremely high quality and innovative designs, Altura technical bike luggage is the definitive choice for tourers, commuters and leisure riders alike.

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