toolarray_smWe offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and repairs which are outlined in the table below.  It’s best to bring your bike in so that we can look at it before deciding what the best approach would be.  Sometimes a simple adjustment can solve the problem, however bike components tend to ware together so changing a chain may cause new issues.  We test ride each bike after servicing to ensure that it is in the desired working order.

If your bike is very dirty then its best to give it a clean before you bring it in.  The following types of service provide a price guide

Basic Service

Brake and gear tune up
Safety check covering saddle, handlebars and pedals
Check correct Tyre pressures, Drive train lubrication


Medium Service

In addition to the Basic Service, the medium service will clean the wheel rims, check and adjust wheel axles and true the wheels (where possible).

check and adjust headset and bottom bracket (where possible)


Full Service

In addition to the medium service, the drive train is disassembled and cleaned.  Both the brakes and gears are re-cabled with stainless steel replacements.

Brake pivots are lubricated and headset, bottom bracket and wheel axles are re-greased (where possible)


Many modern bikes have cartridge bearings contained in the bottom bracket, headset or wheel axles that provide durable performance.  When there is significant ‘play’ in these bearing we will recommend changing and can source suitable replacements.

A standard 8 speed chain may be worn and require replacement after 4000 miles depending on use, weather and maintenance employed.  Badly worn chains can inflict ware on cassettes and front chain rings such that when the chain is replaced the gears start ‘slipping’.  Higher speed chains (9/10/11) may provide less mileage and be more sensitive to dirt etc.  We aim to undertake a test ride on most of the services undertaken to ensure that your bike is in good working order before it leaves the shop.