Due to demand, you will need to book in your bike for services/repairs. please phone the shop in shop hours to make a booking. Tel Corsham 07596 882165 and Whitley 01225 251472.

You can book your bike in the Whitley store here

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and repairs which are outlined in the table below.  It’s best to bring your bike in so that we can look at it before deciding what the best approach would be.  Sometimes a simple adjustment can solve the problem, however bike components tend to ware together so changing a chain may cause new issues.  We test ride each bike after servicing to ensure that it is in the desired working order.

We are a Bosch approved service centre for warranty and out of warranty work on eBikes.

If your bike is very dirty then its best to give it a clean before you bring it in.  The following types of service provide a price guide. Workshop time is charged at £50/hour and our services (1, 2, 3) are provided at a discount as are our fitting charges what are undertaken in addition to a service.

Level 1 Service (1 hour)

Preventative Maintenance Service
Brake and gear tune up. Clean Discs/Rims. Safety check saddle, handlebars and pedals. Headset and Bottom Bracket checked and adjust. Check rims, hubs and tyre pressures. Lube Chain.
Note that we will replace contaminated pads at extra cost.

Level 2 Service (2 hours)

Revitalise Bike Performance Service
In addition to Level 1 Service replace Chain and brake pads, replace Gear and Brake inner cables where appropriate*, check and adjust wheel axles and true the wheels (where possible). Check and adjust headset.

Level 3 Service (3 hours)

In addition to Level 2 service, the drive train is disassembled and cleaned.  As required: brakes* and gears are fully re-cabled (inner and outer). Headset and bottom bracket are disassembled and overhauled/replaced where appropriate. Brake pivots are lubricated. Brakes are overhauled. Jockey wheels are re-greased /replaced.

*Hydraulic brakes: top bled £10 extra, full bleed £22.
Service Level123
Adjust gears and Brakes
Safety Check
Pump types to correct pressure
Assess components for wear
Replace Chain
Replace Cassette/block
Replace Brake pads/blocks
True Wheels
Check wheel hubs
Clean Brake surfaces rims/discs
Clean/degrease drive components
Change gear/brake cables
Bleed Brakes
Di2 Software update/error check
Headset Service/replace
Service wheel hubs/fit new bearings
Rewrap handlebars/Change grips
Supplemental Services
Modern bottom brackets are invariably sealed units and cannot be adjusted. The bottom bracket can be replaced as part of the service for £14

The following items can also be replaced as part of the service level for the additional cost
Fit new Brake Caliper—£14
Fit new Shifter – £14
Fit new Gear Mech – £14

Many modern bikes have cartridge bearings contained in the bottom bracket, headset or wheel axles that provide durable performance.  When there is significant ‘play’ in these bearing we will recommend changing and can source and install suitable replacements.

A standard 8 speed chain may be worn and require replacement after 4000 miles depending on use, weather and maintenance employed.  Badly worn chains can inflict ware on cassettes and front chain rings such that when the chain is replaced the gears start ‘slipping’.  Higher speed chains (9/10/11) may provide less mileage and be more sensitive to dirt etc.  We aim to undertake a test ride on most of the services undertaken to ensure that your bike is in good working order before it leaves the shop.

Standard Price List

Punctures/Tyres -inner tubes start at £5
Standard Puncture on the bike – £8 plus Tube
Rear Wheel with hub gear on the bike – £16 + tube
Rear Wheel Motor on Electric Bike – £22 + tube
Replace Tyre –  £8 Inc Recycle.
We recycle Tubes and Tyres through and Schwalbe.
Gears and Brakes Re-cable brake or Gear  from £18 inc stainless cables.
Fit new disc brake pads – from £12
Fit new rim brake pads – from £22
Bike Assembly from £40

If  you have bought a bike and would like assembled then we can inspected & assembled then adjusted and road test

Accessory  Installation (Labour only)
Full length Mudguard (F & R) fitting – £40
Rear Rack fitting—£12
Fit basket — from £15 depending on setup
Re-tape handlebars—£12
Fit handlebar grips—£6
Group set upgrade from £80

If you want to change the group set on your bike, then we can remove the old group set and fit the new group set as you supply. The cost would start from £80 to just fit the new group set which would include fitting new cables. Each situation will be different and we would endeavour to provide a more accurate cost estimate when the Job is presented to us.

Component Installation (Labour only Price)
Fit new headset—from £22
Fit new bottom bracket—from £22
Fit new rim brake caliper (F or R) – £15
Fit new chain—£12
Fit new cassette—£12
Fit new gear mech (F or R) – £22
Fit new forks—£50
Fit new disc brake caliper – £22
Hydraulic Brake Service –
Top Bleed – £10
Full Bleed – £22

Hydraulic Disc Brakes will be cleaned & inspected for damage or wear. Brakes will be bled with fresh hydraulic fluid. Pads will be renewed if necessary (any parts not included in price)

Wheel Building – from £50.00
We can build standard wheels by hand using stainless steel plain gauge or double butted spokes. Price is for labour only and does not include cost of spokes, rims or hubs.
Spoke Replacement
Starts at £15, further cost may be incurred removing disc/cassette etc. There may also be a cost to fit new rim tape, Where multiple spokes are replaced, additional spokes are fitted at £2 each.
Wheel Truing – From £15.00
Depending on how much time it takes to true a wheel and so price varies accordingly.

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