The Whitley Grand Opening

A celebratory blog

The shop is now formally launched! I was over the moon to be asked by Tom to cut the ‘bike’ chain (with bolt cutters!) to formally open Whitley Spindles and Coffee Stop-which also gives a home to Whitley Stores.

Tom and Amy saw the property for sale on Christmas Eve last year and had a great idea-by Christmas morning the whole family said yes-lets do it! What a journey, what an achievement and during a pandemic-amazing!

Tom loves bikes! His enthusiasm is infectious! He had a plan to create a workshop for his bespoke bike building business, Barbastelle, and a second shop for Spindles which was rapidly running out of space in Corsham. He had a vision of creating an exciting bike hub for the cycling community, replicating the buzz and passion for cycling that we have seen over the years at numerous cycling events. He wanted something for the whole family of cycling: going to the shop cycling, afternoon cycling with the kids, women cyclists and serious “I’ve got the best bike in the world” cyclists! A place to indulge in all things cycling and everything to do with it. Well, if you do that, as all cyclists know you need coffee and calories. Spindles coffee stop was born!

Then we met the Whitley six and Whitley Community Store came to fruition. The perseverance and dedication of this group of people and the volunteers who run the store is astounding.

Then I realised on the day of the opening when so many people came to join us-this is not just a building and a group of businesses-it a place to feel better- coincidentally on world mental health day. A sense of community, someone to talk to, somewhere to go-a warm welcome and a kind face-we all need that.

I hope that Spindles and all involved in it make cyclists and the local community happy for a very long time to come.

Congratulations everybody!

Gill Walton (Toms mum!)

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