Meet the Spindles’ Mechanics

We are all keen cyclists and have been cycling since we can remember which has produced in each of us a unique perspective on cycling.  Here is a quick summary of our different interests


Tim Lammin

tim_sketch Tim has been regularly commuting to Bath for many years in all weathers and seasons and has racked up thousands of miles experience.  His latest bike is a Thorn Expedition that copes with the winter conditions and is comfortable to ride those poorly surfaced roads between Corsham and Bath.  Tim has had formal bike mechanic training with Level 2 qualification and the mainstay of the workshop .  He is also our hydraulic brake expert.


For many years Tim and his family have taken holidays that involve cycling and camping and 4 years ago he completed the Land’s End to John O’Groats  ride in 11 days.


Richard Moulton

mole_sketch Having never owned a car Richard has always cycled whether its work, shopping or just visiting friends.  He is the touring expert having cycled from London to Kathmandu in 1993 before travelling onto Tibet.  He has also toured in India as well as most European countries and the UK.  Richard currently rides an old Orbit Expedition that is over 20 years old but brings out his Mercian when the weather is good.


Richard started building bike wheels  5 years ago and is Spindles main wheel builder.  He also does all the admin but still likes to get his hands dirty in the workshop building up a bike.


Nicholas Brakspear

nick_sketch Nicholas will ride any bicycle but has a strong interest in vintage bikes being a member of the vintage bike society.  He also owns a Rudge that he rebuilt and box lined himself.  His expertise is in vintage bike technology and hub gears and is always willing to bring an abused bike back from the horrors of the scrap metal bin.

Edgar Stringer

edgar_sketch While living in Manchester Edgar worked as a cycle courier and latterly a bike centred fruit and veg delivery business.  He also worked for 3 years in John’s Bikes of Bath after a brief period as an apprentice.  Since those times Edgar has developed his strong interest in all things cycling, has also built his own steel frames and commutes.  He likes unusual bikes that pushes the technology and among his collection is a 10  speed Brompton that contains a 2 speed Schlumpf.

Tom Skinner


Tom joined the team at the start of 2019 and comes with a range of skills including bespoke bike building and owns barbastelle.  He provides bike fitting, electronic shifting and steel frame fixes.


Cameron Paine


Cameron joined us as 


Andrew ‘Mog’ Mogford




Gillian Sanders

  Gillian provides is a qualified instructor and provides training for both Adults and Children.





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