Congratulations to Amanda Coker

for 86,573 miles cycled in a year.

On the 14th May 2017 Amanda Coker has set a new record for the greatest distance ridden in a year by any cyclist, male or female, after riding 86,573.2 miles in 12 months.   That is an average of 237.2 miles a day for a year.  She is still going and now has her eyes on eclipsing Tommy Godwin’s record of riding 100,000 miles in the shortest time that has stood since 1939.

You can track her progress using  Amanda’s Daily Mileage Totals link that provides a spreadsheet of daily mileage.

This is a remarkable achievement as she only returned to cycling in 2015 after sustaining a brain injury when she was hit by a driver while out cycling with her father in 2011.

This is one of the greatest sporting achievements ever.


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