Bespoke Bristol 2016

It’s been a couple of years since visiting Bespoke Bristol show and we were keen to see how the bespoke world had developed and what we could learn from the experience.  What stood out for me was the number of bikes with thick tyres, racks, mudguards and panniers.  Take this elegant bike from Harley which ticked all the boxes.  Its a simple design with bar end shifters and  V-brakes but it works.

Harley set the theme

The Stanforth stand presented a number of different expedition bikes and included a hub dynamo and supernova E3 light which were prevalent throughout.  These bikes were using the still obtainable 9 speed XT group set for durability in preference to the 10/11 speed cousins.


The Sven stand was also impressive with hammered Honjo mudguards and crafted frame sets.  I was not too sure about the practicality of the panniers on offer.



The  Holdsworth were also notable for their paint jobs and general finish.




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